This year’s annual retreat looked a bit different. Normally we would be off-site somewhere having an adventure, but this has not been a normal year. In fact, it’s been a really tough year in many ways, and everyone has really risen to the challenge. You have not only taken care of the University, its faculty, students, and staff; you have taken care of one another

Over the course of two weeks, we engaged in various activities to further deepen the connections between us, have some fun, and do some brainstorming.  Although this year has been challenging, it has also brought immediate and long term opportunity.  

Travel is something many of us enjoy, and so we decided on a theme of finding joy in the journey. Travel is full of life lessons. It helps us appreciate cultures other than our own, appreciate nature, keep learning, adapt quickly, be patient, find beauty in small things, and so much more! 

To kick it off, we asked you to pick a background representing your aspirations – If you could travel anywhere with no health, money, or time restrictions, where would it be and why?

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